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Ebony Iman Dallas

Ebony Iman Dallas is an award-winning artist, writer and founder of Afrikanation Artists Organization. Through art, she combines rich and fiery hues with whimsical forms to bring the spirit and energy of her subjects to life. Her artwork primarily addresses social, political and cultural issues. With a focus on authenticity and progress, her artwork takes form organically where each line determines the shape and direction of the next.

Why do you want to be featured?
I paint to inspire hope and believe in your mission. I know first hand how art heals as it has helped me personally. I love that you reach those who are home and hospital-bound through your website with healthy and inspiring tips as well as in person. I studied interaction design and love your use of technology to help others. I believe each of us has some special purpose. I paint to inform and inspire healing in others.

What is your personal journey with creative arts therapy, patient advocacy, and integrative medicine?
As an artist, with two parents who are counselors, I have developed a therapeutic drawing technique that has helped myself, those whom I have taught in workshops and in the classroom. It helps to process and understand feelings and desires hidden beneath the surface.

You can follow Ebony’s beautiful work at, and

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