Beautiful, Mother Nature

By George Fang

I have faced death more times this year than I would have liked.  I am ashamed to say that all these close calls could have been prevented, by me.  They all involve cases of distracted driving and walking. I promise these distractions are not from browsing my smartphone.

Photograph by Asa Mathat

Art by Asa Mathat, our Photographer of the Month.

 This past year, there have been instances where I have taken one too many seconds standing in the middle of the street, not moving, and not noticing the cross signs countdown ending.  There have been other moments, where I did not notice the car in front of me stop and almost drive head first into them. In all these cases, I was distracted by the scenes of the sky, the mountains, and the stars.

Nature has a way of taking your breath away like good art.  The formations of the mountains, the colors of the sunset, and the shadows of the trees, just to name a few, paint wonderful, romantic sceneries.  I have taken these moments so many times throughout my life, yet I never grow tired from them. The sunrise every morning is magical. The mid-day shine on the mountains, creating a towering, dominating presence, is overwhelming.  And the cloudy grey skies hovering over the sea wraps around your soul like a secure, safety blanket. When I am presented with one of these scenes, I can’t help, but stop what I’m doing, and take it all in.

Just the other day, I was up early for work and driving towards my destination.  I was distracted; my mind was frustrated that I had forgotten my lunch, worried that the traffic would be bad this morning, and racing from the numerous thoughts of how my day would go.  While I was heavy with these thoughts, I noticed in an instance, a very peculiar sunrise. I was driving at six in the morning, so the sky was soft and dark brown, illuminating a very small glow, from the rising sun.  Long, ridged clouds were pasted onto it. The world looked as if it wasn’t open for business yet. The sun’s weak shine as it rose from the mountains illuminated the clouds from underneath, creating a majestic entrance for the day.  I couldn’t help, but watch the whole scene unfold.

Moments like these bring peace to me.  I suddenly forget about all the worries, and thoughts in my head, and am remembered the simplicity, and beauty of life.  It is amazing to just be alive, and experience the joys of breathing, seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting.  For me, the mountains, the sunrise, and the sea help me in remembering this. When I view such grand, impressive scenery, I feel overwhelmed.  But I also feel a sense of belonging. The fact that I can interact with these moments that are shown by mother nature, provides me with a great deal of inspiration, and satisfaction.  The world is most certainly our oyster. And it’s important to go out and explore it. You will feel the love that you’ve never felt before and calm as soft as the sea. Take time out of your day to stop and smell the roses, and your soul will be rejuvenated and thankful.

Beautiful, Mother Nature

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