Dance4Healing COVID-19 Initiative

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2020 has turned our world upside down. Being human is a team sport and “Social Distancing” has made “Social Connecting” more important than ever.

As a stage IV cancer survivor, I understand the impact of stress, isolation, and loneliness during this challenging time. It is more crucial than ever to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy mentally and physically. We at Dance4Healing are committed to reconnecting people of all abilities across the globe back to a nurturing community while creating a platform for movement educators to continue doing what they love. Imagine Youtube meets Zoom meets eHarmony for exercise buddies… an online space that connects those with a yearning to dance to both live and pre-recorded classes tailored to their desires! 

Due to the pandemic, 24 hr Fitness and other gyms have declared bankruptcy, and many instructors have lost their long-term jobs of 10 to 20 years and the ability to interact with student communities they have fostered.

Elderly and chronic patients are in an even more dire situation than ever due to their high risk.  Their families and friends are reducing visits to prevent exposing them to COVID-19. In addition, students miss PE classes and volunteer hours attending school from home. 

Medical research shows creative arts therapy improves both mental and physical health, but it’s underutilized in healthcare. This is why Dance4Healing is extending our telehealth live video platform to support community health, empowering participants to dance from anywhere, anytime, with anyone! We are launching a Dance4Healing Collaborative Instructor Program to create a win-win situation for instructors who lost jobs and those who are stuck at home, especially the elders and chronic patients.

We need your help:
We need your help to bring this to the public to serve the global community can’t wait to get out of this pandemic, if you know anyone below, please introduce us: 

Tech Development & Partnership:

  • Technical Lead
  • Software Developers | AI Scientists
  • Government Agencies
  • Senior Centers & School Admins
  • Patient & Artist Advocacy Groups

PR & Marketing Support, Funding & Donations

  • People with experience launching Podcast
  • Storytellers and video editors for our “Expert’s Voice” Interview series
  • Editors, book agents, and publishers for the book
  • Corporate underwriters to PBS who can benefit from 8 mins of airtime to 117 million audience x 21 airings.


Dance4Healing is an award-winning telehealth social venture with a mission to make healthy habit-building fun and supportive. We helped Stanford start their first online supportive care program for cancer patients, and achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91 (healthcare industry average is 24). They are now expanding their partnership with us to launch their first cardiovascular telehealth clinical trial at Cardiovascular Institute.

Watch our patient video at, and read their heartfelt endorsements. And if you are inspired by our patients, please consider supporting us to expand our reach by sharing our COVID Initiative

Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network:
COVID-19 also makes me realize that my book is more needed than ever for the global population who are stuck at home. The wisdom that I gained from my Stage IV cancer, as well as our “Expert’s Voice” interviews with top industry leaders, will be invaluable for dealing with uncertainty, building resiliency, and trauma therapy across the globe.  Please email us if you would like to be interviewed or share with other industry leaders. 

Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network:

Join our movement, let’s empower our global community to dance and connect from anywhere, anytime, with anyone! 🙂

Amy Li

Founder & CEO, Dance4Healing |

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