Delicious Ambiguity

By Amy Li

Deann Acton: White Mermaids
Deann Acton: White Mermaids, Artist of the Month

Can an ambiguity be delicious? Well, how do you define “delicious”? Something can be so tasty for a Chinese, maybe awful for an American.

I once heard this theory about human survival in space when we expand out to another planet. Our diet modifies our genes, over time. Certain food could be poison for certain groups of people with a certain diet, but completely harmless for other groups of people. It really depends on how they and their ancestors fed themselves. So, if our taste buds can be so dynamically cultivated by centuries of upbringing, our cultures, and our genes, the definition of “delicious” can be extremely different, from one person to another.

I suspect when it comes to life’s ambiguity for something as dramatic, multidimensional, as powerful, as cancer, the meaning of “delicious” could swing from 0 to 360 degrees, right? Perhaps this is the motivational journey inspiring us to truly discover ourselves. Are we made out of tears, or are we made out of laughter? Are you the one dragging your feet, agonizingly looking up an impossible stairway? Or are you the one, as I am, saying: “Ha, time to exercise. Why don’t I take two stairs at one time? Great opportunity to exercise my legs, my thighs, and my butt, so I can be described as what Justin Timberlake sings: ‘You bring sexy back?’” Are you the one looking out the window and feeling it’s another dreadful day? Or are you the one who wakes up, thankful, smiles, and says “woohoo! I’m still alive, let’s shake some booties?”

Yes, life is ambiguous, and only you can make it delicious, to your own taste.

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