Gratitude Health Corner

by Susan Payrovi, our Doctor of the Month.

Gratitude has a powerful impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for things outside of ourselves.  It is an acknowledgment of the goodness that exists around us and allows us to connect to our world on a grander scale.


Art by Ebony Iman Dallas, our Artist of the Month.

Research has shown that those who practice gratitude feel greater happiness and satisfaction with their lives.  We as parents have the opportunity to instill this value in our children now so that they may grow into more resilient adults who cultivate healthy relationships, an optimistic outlook, and work for the greater good. Simple ways of teaching our kids gratitude include having them write a note to thank someone, keeping a gratitude journal, or regular practice of prayer or meditation.

Volunteering for a cause or simply spending time out in nature can also teach our kids to shift their focus to the larger world around them. This Holiday is a great time to renew our practice of gratitude and keep it going all year long.

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