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Jim Hargis

Hi and blessings to all.

Jim started out as a child in the Ozark Hills of southwest Missouri. Blessed with some athletic ability, he was blessed, for a few years, to play professional baseball. That was followed by the law school and the “trippy hippie 60s” of Berkeley California. And, no, he never inhaled!

Jim Hargis

Somehow, (God uses some pretty peculiar characters!) the priesthood called Jim, but he told God He had the “wrong number!” He eventually gave up and gave in, and here he is, 43 years, later. Jim also journeyed into the fields of opera singing, comedy, and getting lost in the wilds of nature. Currently, 3 books are in the works, to help him find deeper meaning and purpose in retirement. All this helps Jim battle a super rare blood disorder called amyloidosis.

Are you ready to hop on to Jim’s poetry land and rhyme with him?

A Blaze of Glory

Your Cloud of Witnesses

Fragrance of the Mountains

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    Susan Cooper

    (November 1, 2018 - 1:59 pm)

    Touching base with Amy . . . . wanting direct email – is this it?

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