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Christopher Casson
Nature and Travel Photographer • Event Photographer

From Autism to Artism
Short Bio
I’m an autistic commercial/event photographer from the Chicagoland area, with a personal passion for nature photography and travel. I aspired to go a different direction after having problems finding a job and go the entrepreneurial route after years of feeling depressed and unsure of my future. I used to have an incredible amount of self-doubt — in part thanks to bullying growing up — but now photography and art, in general, have been my outlet through which to speak when I have trouble with speaking in words.

Why do you want to be featured?

I wanted to show how I am going beyond the labels of what people expect when they think of autism in a negative light. Instead of cursing them, I see my autistic traits as a gift that helps my photography and the local businesses I work with, turning my Autism into ARTism. I’ve also started traveling on my own without assistance and recording it in travel vlogs as a source of inspiration to go beyond what we believe we are capable of. I want my travel to show how limitless we can be and that, in the end, it is our mindsets that hold us back from accomplishing great things.

What is your personal journey with creative arts therapy, patient advocacy, and integrative medicine?

I guess the best place to begin is childhood when I used to draw a lot. It was my outlet during tougher times, especially after I started college, and felt more of a struggle to keep going when it felt like everything was collapsing. Struggles to integrate with society, deaths in the family (some to cancer), and a negative mindset of thinking that I could never become more than my stereotype made me wonder why I bothered to continue. From drawing to 3D animation to now photography, video, and painting, art lets me express myself when I have trouble speaking in words. I have even started looking towards Eastern philosophy for guidance in terms of having a positive mindset and outlook on life and expressing that with my recent paintings. This outlook has helped me to transform my mindset, seeing autism as a misunderstood gift rather than a curse. I now see autism as a gift that can be used to help others look outside their tiny cramped boxes and think beyond.

What organization do you recommend for our audience to learn more about and support?

Madison House

This nonprofit helps a dire need. The organization assists in helping autistic adults such as myself become more independent and supplies opportunities and hope for the autistic community and their families. I encourage everyone to help by donating to this wonderful organization so that they continue to receive the assistance they need.

What word of wisdom you would like to give to others:

Everything fluctuates. If you are feeling like you’re at rock bottom, the only direction left to go is up. The only thing preventing you from going up is you — and you alone! Don’t hide away, and realize the limitless potential you have always had, the potential you were born with.

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