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Asa Mathat
Fine Art Photographer • Portrait Photographer

Bring Fashion Photography to Tech Influencers
Asa Mathat has traveled the world photographing the elite and the celebrity, including Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, George Bush, and the Dalai Lama. His photographs have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, and with personal clients around the world. Asa crafts his distinct style of fine art portraiture by combining the intimacy of photography with his own creative vision and expertise, bringing passion and compassion to each and every shoot.

After an early start in fashion photography, while living in Milan, Asa’s work expanded to include event and sports coverage, commercial photography, and most notably, a unique specialty as a portrait photographer of thought leaders in technology, politics, and the arts. A native Californian, Asa’s proximity to Silicon Valley in the dot-com era through to the present time has facilitated and strengthened his connection to some of the twenty-first century’s most influential leaders. For decades, Asa has documented the most coveted and prestigious technology events in the world, including TED, WSJ’s All Things Digital, CES, and EG (Entertainment Gathering).

Asa’s creativity as well as a critical eye for color and detail, enthusiasm and interaction with his clients, ability to open the shutter at pivotal moments of expression, as well as his unique eye for lighting, enables him to capture the passion, beauty, and power his subjects exude during their finest and most defining moments.

In recent years Asa has expanded his portfolio to include personal projects in support of breast cancer awareness and military service members.

Why do you want to be featured?
I value the idea that passion should drive you and your daily choices, in that, if you are lucky enough to have discovered your purpose, you are fortunate. I have been able to do just that and am beyond grateful, now looking to teach and give back to make it happen for others.

A true leader in Art for Social Impact
Big Pink Ribbon Project
Big Pink Ribbon is personal to me as a way to contribute art to those that have suffered such pain, this is a collaborative way for them to express themselves. Seeing through the lens of the immense power of freedom women and men feel being so vulnerable has me excited to continue more and more ways to share this feeling with the subjects that bare their all, heart, soul, and body.

Camp Enlightenment
Personally experienced homelessness and abuse as a child, I am dedicated to giving back to those undiscovered talents in the world. Beginning soon in San Francisco, Camp Enlightenment is a photo/cinema-based school for homeless, foster, and LGBTQ kids. Phase one will be a 13-month immersive and intense learning program bringing the world’s best photographers to teach their craft. Phase two will be a ten-acre property with tiny homes and a photo barn in the middle teaching these kids life skills that will open up new possibilities in their lives.

You can follow Asa Mathat’s amazing work at, Instagram, and Facebook.

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