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Kevin Noble

Kevin Noble is a British-born, American adventurer. Who treasures every moment in the great outdoors. He combines a background in communication, science, and visual arts to produce unique perspectives through photographs.

Kevin started simply being in nature. Connecting with it through the senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch. He came to photography to share the wonderment. And awe created by amazing auroras, majestic mammals, and vast vistas. Now, he finds that the immersion required to capture these fantastic displays provides an antidote. To the stress and strains associated with splitting roles as a senior executive. Start-up advisor, and caregiver. When he sets out to explore new subjects and experiment with new techniques. It recharges the body and re-energizes the soul.

The goal of his work is to share singular experiences in nature through storytelling imagery. That evokes emotion, inspires exploration, and drives stewardship of our amazing planet.

You can follow Kevin’s work on Instagram at noble.shots, Facebook at @NobleShots1 or Twitter at @NobleShots.

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