The Fire Will Come Back

Photo by Christopher Casson, Photographer of the Month

Each of us is a lamp

with a candle burning inside

how we nurture 

that warm light inside

keeping it going 

or letting it die

is the lighthouse 

guiding the ship of our life

We all started with a little light

the moment we landed on this earth 

with our naked cry

our little body was warmed by our 

mother and father, 

aunts and uncles, 

grandma and grandpa,

the love we receive is the oil of our candle

it ignites the beautiful little fire to

dance inside of our lamp

the lamp says

it is ok

receive love

play and laugh

experiment with life

you will grow to be 

big and strong

One day our parents woke up 

surprised to find teenagers in the house

where our hormones and self-pride 

pushing our fire to be 

a cool Gangnam style dancer

the lamp says

it is ok 

the light will survive

that violent happy shake

One day the word cancer landed 

outside of the lamp

broke the glass 

shaking our earth 

and tried to kill the fire

now you are really in for the fight of your life

it will be hard

it will be a struggle, 

the lamp says

it is ok

the fire will come back

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