Calling for Filmmakers, Video Editors, Story Tellers for Stage IV Show

Dear awesome co-creators:

Stage IV Show is an inspiring “Expert’s Voice” video interview series sharing powerful wisdom from experts in Creative Arts, Patient Advocacy, Healthcare Innovation, and Mind & Body medicine. Inspired by my Stage IV cancer journey, our mission is to positively impact 100 million lives from chronic disease and aging with public education, design thinking, technology innovation, and mind and body medicine. 

COVID-19 makes me realize that it’s a crucial time to launch our Youtube channel and Podcast ASAP for the global population who are stuck at home. The wisdom that I have gained from my Stage IV cancer, as well as our “Expert’s Voice” Interview Series with top industry leaders, will be invaluable for dealing with uncertainty, building resiliency, and trauma therapy across the globe. 

We are looking for co-creators (Filmmakers, Video Editors, Story Tellers, Producers) who are passionate about taking our show to the next level. We believe the very touching, deep level of dialogs with the high profile experts (some of which have been featured in “60 Minutes”, PBS, etc) will open up a completely new arena, dramatically enhance the filmmakers’ portfolio and industry reputation, and expand their careers in areas they didn’t think were possible. We are creating a team of editors and filmmakers whose names will be recognized in each video and podcast published. 

Our immediate need is to get 5 top interviews edited and published by Friday 9/15. Our long-term goals are to generate millions of views, get on to Oprah’s show, and produce a powerful documentary. Below are the 5 interviews from these thought leaders we would like to edit and publish. Would you be interested in editing one or more of these videos? 

Join our movement, let’s empower our global community to connect through powerful stories from anywhere, anytime, with anyone! 🙂


Below is more information about Stage IV and Dance4Healing. Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network is an educational arm of Dance4Healing. We are building a global network of leaders who champion creative arts, patient advocacy, technology innovation, and mind and body medicine. 

Stage IV {Wicked Wisdom} Media Network:


Dance4Healing is an AI-powered telehealth social venture matching buddies for behavior change with pre-recorded dance videos and live video classes, targeting chronic patients and the elderly. Inspired by my Stage IV cancer, our mission is to educate and empower anyone to build healthy habits in a fun, easy way.

Watch our video and be inspired by our patients:

Patient Endorsements and Awards:

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