Innovator of the Month: Dance4Healing

Why Patients Love Dance4Healing:

Dance4Healing is the first telehealth social venture. To provide personalized Creative Arts Therapy. Using artificial intelligence and behavioral design. To cultivate healthy behavior change in a fun way. We started with Stanford Cancer Supportive Care Program. Then expand to the aging market and other chronic conditions. Due to popularity and market demand. We were selected as the top 40 worldwide. For IDEO’s Caregiving Challenge for Dementia (Sponsored by AARP & United Healthcare). And our idea is the most applauded idea out of 258 ideas submitted globally. Dance4Healing is seeking funding and business partners to scale.

Astonishing clinical research on the power of Creative Arts Therapy, for various disease

Founded by Amy Li, months after she conquered stage IV cancer. Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire anyone to leverage technology. To build healthy habits with creative arts in a fun, easy way.

Be a global technology and AI leader in Bridging Creative Arts. Healthcare, and foster vibrant, diverse, and thriving communities.

Dance4Healing received 15 awards. Including Stanford Medicine X Healthcare Design Award. Partners Connected Health Fit Mind Challenge. (sponsored by AARP), Stanford Health++ Hackathon Intel Nervana AI Cluster Grand Prize. Built a facial tracking demo. Using computer vision at Techcrunch. But more importantly, hearing directly from our patients.

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